Wireless Chargers installation service. Primary focus on public catering industry of South-Eastern Asia and Dubai,
Anton Kravets
Siddanth Shodhan
The business will provide a solution for owners of public and private companies, restaurants, bars, night clubs in order to gain a competitive advantage by obtaining a wireless chargers inside of tables,which in turn will increase affluence of customers or employees’satisfaction. This solution will be delivered to customers through the hybrid of goods and service business model. By the goods to the owners will be delivered wireless chargers and by service their installation.

Since Singapore, Manila (BGC and Makati), Kuala-Lumpur and Jakarta are business-oriented cities, the majority of society tend to spend significant amount of their working time on meetings, part of which are happen at public places such as café, coffee shops restaurants and other public catering places. Due to unequal development of smartphones and their batteries,that nowadays discharge fast (the charge is barely enough for a day).Additionally, people usually have a lack of access to electricity source to charge their phones, which lead to increased anxiety and decreased customer experience of being in particular café.  

Awareness of availability (by stickers on the front door of the entrance) hassle-free charging user-experience through putting the device on the table will attract potential customers,even those, who were not aiming to consume food or beverages, but need to charge their phones will force them to visit the place and consequently make an order.
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